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                                                             May 2015



                            Rip Tone                         May 2015

                                             Lifting Straps                                                 

  •   to overcome grip strength limitation, increase amount of weight lifted quicker, build strength & muscle faster... Lifetime replacement warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Shift your fitness progress into high gear with lifting straps, lift more weight, look more toned, feel more confident, perfect for weight lifting, power lifting, bodybuilding and cross fit
  • Safely and easily target specific muscle groups for a full body workout, build strength evenly and optimum muscle appearance. Contact us with ANY questions or concerns. We guarantee satisfaction
  • **Free Exclusive Bonus Report For All Who Purchase Rip Toned Workout Straps** - Lifetime Replacement Guarantee 

I use the lifting straps when lifting weights for strengthening for the following exercises, reverse grip, standing row, lunges, squats,forward front dumbbell raise, overhead dumbbell press and more. These straps give you a great grip so your hands don't slip off your bars, easy to slide on your wrist no matter how big or small your wrist are, they're comfortable and soft. and you can take them anywhere you go as they come with a plastic case 

      slip loop over hand 
 take the loose end and slip it through the loop

wrap the strap the dumb bell bar until strap is wrapped all the way. 
grip your dumbbell and lift

order yours here at Amazon.

Disclaimer: Restless Mama In MI received a pair of lifting strap by Rip Tone for a review 


                                                                                 April 2015 

      Colore 26 Piece Sketch & Drawing Pencils

Art is all about creativity. Pencils should not limit your creativity; they should open you up to many more options
You don't have to be a great sketcher to get started. All you need is some creativity and an open mind.
You need a sketching pencil set that can enhance your creativity to a new level
The 26-Piece Drawing Set from Colore is ideal for you. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from schoolwork to professional art.
This beautiful 26-Piece Drawing Set includes:
- 12 graphite pencils in varying grades of hardness (5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B)
- 3 charcoal pencils in soft, medium and hard grades
- 1 soft graphite sketching pencil
- 3 graphite and 3 charcoal sticks in soft, medium and hard grades
- 1 sharpener and 1 plastic eraser for graphites
- 1 sharpener and 1 kneaded eraser for charcoals
Here are some of the features that make this product so unique:
- It is a set of 26 Piece, which is very convenient for a seasoned sketcher because you can use it for a very long time.
- The pencils are high quality premium graphite pieces, which guarantee great results.
- Included in the pack are erasers and high quality sharpeners for the pencils.
- It comes with premium graphite and charcoal sticks to help you cover the large areas.

- It is made with strong lead, making it difficult to break, thus more durable.

My son used this art set for his drawings. He used the charcoal pencils for shading. The pencil sharpeners are the best he's ever used. 

Disclaimer:Restless Mama In MI received the 26 piece Sketch & Drawing set for a review.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR 
                                                        Dec 2014
put the Canon EOS Rebel T5i on your Christmas list for that special someone, or for the family to capture those special moments during the holidays .Weather you're into photography as a hobby  or you wanna get started into photography and looking to buy a real good camera then you came to the right place. I'm a photographer and I can say that having a good camera or two makes all the difference when it comes to good quality, after all it is your main tool. Here are the options the Canon EOS Rebel TSi has to offer. 


 Best Buy is the ultimate destination for the latest cameras to capture your holiday memories. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is one of the best-selling DSLRs. This camera makes advanced photography easy and fun, and gives you exceptional image quality, along with a host of features to enhance your creative expression.
•      Capture Hollywood caliber full HD video  
•      Continuous auto focus while taking HD video
•      Features an 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 5 image processor to ensure vivid, crystal-clear images.
•      The 3" vari-angle touch screen simplifies navigation.

Why should you purchase this camera? Canon has been around for many many years and always comes out with great cameras. They are good quality cameras that you can enjoy using. Canon is the top of the line when it comes to cameras as they're always improving them and making them even more better and more high tech., I've always heard good things about Canon's cameras in my social media groups and it has a 4.8 star rating with  some great  reviews from the customers who bought them.  When you're shooting special events and things you want a camera that won't slow you down with speed, you want to be able to shoot continuously and this camera does just that. It has everything you need. 

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i 
  has 18.0 mega pixels , a wide ISO  range of 100-12800 expandable for low light performance.
You can shoot 5 FPS (frames per second) it  also utilizes 9 focus points to keep images sharp even in challenging high-speed shooting situations.
  The 3.0 inch  touch screen flips out for flexible  positioning and intituitive  operation.
 7 different creative filters that let you choose from  soft focus, fish- eye effect, water painting, art bold, toy camera effect and miniature and you can view them before you take the photo
 compatible with EF and EFs lenses.
  Choose from Scene Intelligent Auto, creative auto, landscape, close-up, sports, special scene modes (night portrait, HDR backlight control), and more.
 Hybrid CMOS AF System that increases the auto focus speed for photos and video . The HD for shooting videos has a built in stereo microphone with manual audio level adjustments and you can record your videos in different size frames with selectable frame rates 

Here's the link to check it out for your self with a video included.

:"Save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy*. Visit Best Buy to learn more. *offer valid 12/7-12/20"

Disclaimer:    Restless Mama In Michigan  has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

 February 20, 2015

 Englander Hybrid Mattress                                          

 Designed for any lifestyle , no matter what. Made  from combined layers of  100% of natural latex, gel infused high density memory foam.It keeps you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Features and Benefits
an infused gel layer for a more comfortable and cooler sleep experience.
Reticulated high-density memory foam for optimum air circulation & pressure relief.
*micro encased coils for individual sleep support and 
upholstered cover with air flow technology

Englander® is now introducing the E-gel™ mattress, featuring exclusive Cool Blue Sleep Technology™
- permanently bonded memory foam and solid gel cells. This is the perfect combination for a great night's sleep.

• Solid gel cylinders provide more cooling & support
• Permanently bonded visco foam and gel cells
            • Reduces vibration and sound waves
            •  absorbs shock

Promotes Health & Wellness

• Lowers body temperature
• Allows for better blood flow
• Reduces pressure & pain to shoulders and hips
• Maintains proper support for spinal alignment
• Conforms to your size, shape and weight
• Increases circulation
• Gives you a deeper night's sleep

Here is a photo of the mattress my husband and I bought .We went to Dan Dan The Mattress Man in  Midland, MI .We buy all our beds from there. Customer service is great, no pressuring you to buying what you don't want. Dan waited on us and was very helpful when it came to the different kinds of mattresses. He had us try them out by laying on different ones to see what felt best to us and wasn't in any hurry. This mattress helps keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer with its gel as described above.  

This mattress is very soft and comfortable and forms to your body. It won't sag like other mattresses do. I would recommend this mattress. 

Protect your mattress with a mattress cover to keep it clean and stain free. I purchased the Slumber Safe as shown below. It's made with two (2) layers , 100% cotton and terry .The first layer is made to absorb moisture and comfort. The second layer is breathable  waterproof membrane  for  moisture and body fluids to prevent stains .

Dan has gives great deals on anything you need with low prices and many manufactures,   furniture, home decor, lamps, rugs, fireplace mantels and  even outdoor furniture. Visit Dan Dan The Mattress Man for store hours and location here  
Dan is located in Midland, Mt. Pleasant, and Cadillac

Disclaimer: Restless Mama In Michigan received a discount from Dan Dan The Mattress Man for a review on this mattress.

                                                     January 24, 2015

            Quality Encapsulations

Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil 

Omega 3 Fish Oil What it is and how it's good for you 

Fish oil is a rich source of the two essential omega-3 fatty acids known as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). It is found in the fatty tissues of cold water, oily fish. It is also available in supplement form for those who eat little or no fish.

Research on fish oil was happening back in 1970's when they discovered that the Eskimos of Greenland had a lower heart disease from having a diet of eating  nearly a pound of whale and seal meat. Researchers found that the Natives had almost no heart disease and had negligible rates of arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases like joint swelling, bursitis and more. There's more, countries around the world who eat a diet in heavier fish and sea products tend to have fewer incidences of these diseases rather than the the typical western diet. Studies show that taking the right amount of  Omega 3 fish Oil can serve the body many good qualities.

Why we need it

Fish Oil is an all around product that makes you feel better . It has many benefits as listed below. It also has 5 star reviews on You can read them here.

I was asked to do a review on the Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple strength and I started taking the fish oil a couple of weeks ago . I'm all about going the natural route instead of taking perscripion  meds from a doctor  that has side affects and that's what nice about these. There is no side affects to them and the pills don't stick together like other gel capsules do and there is no after taste. I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain on a regular basis and my muscles in my shoulders are always inflamed due to the muscles being tight and swallon. I've been taking the Omgea 3 Triple Strength. I've haven't had as much inflammation as I usually do. I'm also more alert and feel better that what I use to be . I take two (2) capsules daily. I take one in the morning and the other in the early evening. I've done some reading on the Omega 3 fish oil and came up with interesting facts and the benefits. I didn't know it had so many benefits until I started reading more about it. I also found that my father in- law's Dr( and also mine) recommended him to take them due to his heart problems. Fish Oil helps the arteries from forming blood clots. Here are some facts.

Benefits of Omega 3

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil With 600 Mg DHA + 800 Mg EPA Per serving.
  • No Fishy Aftertaste.
  • Helps support healthy heart, brain, joints, vision, skin, and cardiovascular health.
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Alzheimer's
  • Depression 
  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Cholesterol
  • A.D.H.D
  • PCB Tested
  • Made in the U.S.A

Fish Oil is good for the young and old. Make sure you take the right amount of dosage for the appropriate age.

Disclaimer: Restless Mama In Michigan received a bottle of Omega 3 Triple Strength for my honest opinion on this review.

 Collage Photo Books                  Oct 2014

Do you have photos sitting on your computer or other devices, or on your facebook, instagram or flickr? Make a photo book from Its easy to do and doesn't take very long, you can whip one up in no time with their easy to use program. The book builder has everything you need to make a great looking book. It has everything you need from backgrounds, editing tools, frames, text, cropping and more. It also has an auto innovative replacement engine that will help you build your pages. When you upload your photos they are put up in a box on the left side of your page and that makes it easy to swap your photos. You can share your photo books online with your friends and family .Below I have a snapshot of the second book I made .  You can see your pages all at once and you can move your pages around in any order you choose. You can click on your page and it will enlarge it for better viewing for editing , resizing etc. Each book is printed on acid free heavy weight archival paper and is backed by 100%  Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you would like view my photo books from here is my link.

Book 1 - Toddlers
size 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 hardcover
This book I made into a portrait book of two toddlers and used full size images. The first page 1 I used for the contents of the photos, like the date, location of the photos . 
Here is a page layout of the whole book.

           page 1- contents page

                               layout of book

 In this book I used full size images.


Book 2 - Pets
size 8"x 6" softcover This book I used full size images and I did a page layout with a couple of photos on each page
Here is a page layout of the whole book

This is your editing tools.

Here is where I added the  frames.

                        I added frames on these four pages.


I  Added a background paper on all four of these pages.

You can make a photo book in many different sizes
Soft-Cover                 Hard -Cover
6" x 4.5"                      8" x 8"
8"x 6"                          11 1/2" x 8 1/2 "
8" x 8"                         12"x 12"
                                    14" x 10 1/2"

Photo books are fun to make, nice to look at and they make great gifts for anyone. So what are you waiting for? Make yours today and share it online with your friends and family . 
Make a 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" hard- cover book for $25 plus free shipping. Here's the link to
You can also make other great gifts as well , like posters, canvas, calendars,beach towels, pillows, mouse pads and many more items. Check them out today and make your photo product, you're gonna like it or your money back.

Disclaimer: Restless Mama In Michigan received a 8"x 6" soft-covered photo book and a 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" hard-cover photo book for this review.

 Kidcals                                2014



Mega Pack


Kidecals  is a company that makes your personalized decals to label your items. Here is a list of the different kinds.

* clothing labels

* daycare labels

* organizing labels

* school labels

* shoe labels

* canning labels

* alergy labels

*wall decals  

You can choose what kind  is best for you, with many options to choose from by size, shape, gender , age,  You can personalize them  with your name and other information as you would like by using their designs, and fonts. Kidecals are water proof, dishwasher safe, machine washable and they are very durable. There are many uses for the labels. 
school items such as lunchboxes, pencil box, clothing, shoes, book bags, books, sports gear
* Organize , crafts, work space, kitchen panteries, studios
Parties , gift bags, glasses, baby showers, bridal showers, 

 You can order different size packs .  I recieved a mega pack that has 72 labels in different sizes ( see photo above) and I personalized them with my grand daughter's name  on them for her school items. Kidecals also has free shipping on all orders big or small. You can visit them online  and get 15% off or visit them on facebook  and enter to win a gift card.  
Follow them on Pintrest

Restless Mama In Michigan recived a mega pack of labels from Kidecals for this review .

Wired Crochet Jewelry 

                   By: Adriana Mendez     

                  Review & Giveaway


Adriana Laura Mendez is a jewelry designer that has always been passionate about fashion and jewelry.She  has been designing her own line of handmade wired crochet jewelery for nine years . Her handmade products are made from Sterling Silver and 14K Gold and is transformed into piece of woven wearable art.
In these EBooks, Adriana explains everything you need from the beginning, with step by step instructions  that will show and teach you how to make your very own bracelets, rings, pendants,and necklaces. 
Introduction to Peruvian Point and how to create geometric shapes with gold, silver and copper wire; how to choose the needles or crochet hooks, types of wires, range of finishes and styles.You will learn the basic concepts and the tools you will need at your own convenience.

You can find Adriana's Ebooks and videos on Esty.
visit her facebook page

One of my readers will win a set of 4 Ebooks on how to make Adriana's wired crochet jewelry and also  this jewelry set ,  a cuff bracelet and ring. Made of sterling silver wire with red and green Czech crystals, rococo flowers and Swarovski crystals, the ring has a sparkly red stone in the center.Measurements: Cuff (this cuff is adjustable with a little pressure but comes to you measuring): W = 5.5cm (2.1 inches) x L= 17cm (6.7 inches)

Ring (diameter): 19mm (0.7 inches)

Disclaimer: Restless Mama In Michigan received a copy of the Ebook series and video tutorial . All opinions are my own.

Coobie Bras                                            2014

                Most comfortable Bra Ever 

                                               front                                                                      back

Looking for a new supportive, comfortable bra? The Coobie Bra is seamless, comfortable, versitable, stylish, adjustble straps and affordable. One size fits comfortably and they come in many different sizes from 32A-36 D and also in a full size fitting up to a size 42D. With as many as 7+ styles and 50+ fashion colors and patterns  to choose from. Perfect for everyday wear, yoga, nursing moms, sleepwear and more. The Coobie Bras  large following of mastectomy patients that love the soft comfort and pad pocket to insert a form. This line is truly a fit for all women!

 One style is called Scoopneck, which is one of the most popular styles. It has removable pads, adjustable straps (no hooks or clasps)smooth back and comfortbly fits 32A to 36D.
 The next style is called The Coobie Bra Vneck Lace Trim. You can wear it under dresses, under hoodies, low cut sweaters,and more. Comes with removeable pads.
Next we have Coobie Lace Bra, which is one of the best selling bra.This bra has a beautiful lace panel across the front that  provides a perfect cover up for ones cleavage. If you want the comfort of our Scoopneck but a little more coverage then this is the one for you. Fits a 32A thru a 36D. Fit is slightly “snuger” then the original version.
Next is another called  Coobie Comfront Bra .Its features is extra wide, fixed straps that are sure to please. Available in 3 sizes for a more customized fit – Small, Medium & Large.  Approximate traditional bra size equivilents are: Small – 30A-34D, Medium – 34-36D, Large – 38-42D If you want a snugger fit, you will go up a size and if you want a loser fit then you will go down a size.
Next up is one called Coobie Comfront Bra Lace Trim. This bra features extrawide with fixed strapsand is made with high quality lace trim around the neck line and around the bottom band. Fits slightly “snuger” then the plain version.Sizes available are , Small – 30A-34D, Medium – 34-36D, Large – 38-42D.
Last but not least is the Coobie Cimfront Bra Floral Pattern. This bra has is lightly embossed floral pattern that is  adjustable sizes for a comfort fit. Approximate traditional bra size equivilents are: Small – 30A-34D, Medium – 34-36D, Large – 38-42D.
To read more about these comfort bras and matching panties you can go to their website here.
 facebook page
My readers will reciver a 25% off for this promotion.  
Save 25% on any order of $40 or more at

                               Discover your child's hidden strengthgs. 
 A new company called Thrively has a program that helps kids of all ages learn how to discover their strenghts and introduces them to a wide variety of differnt activities to try that would intrest them. Sign up is free, and once you get in there you and your child can browse different activities by scrolling over  on the activity and it will tell you what kind of strengths it has (example) acedemic, creative thinking, memory, creative skill, etc. When you click on the activity , it will open and give you information about that activity like age group ( 8-12) , gender, and where it's available. You can aslo pick your favorite activities by clicking on Favorite on the top right of the page and it will save your favorite activities. This is a good way for kids who don't know what their strenghts are and  find the skills they need and they can  explore the activities to do so.

Below is a video on the program you can watch to learn more and by going to their web page here #thrively

Don't forget to share it with your friends.

                                                                                 August 28, 2013  

                                                                                                                                       August 28, 2013 

   Grow your child's math skills with Reading Eggs.

         Restless Mama received a subscription to Reading Eggs for this promotion.   My 4 year old grand daughter loves  Reading Eggs .It's easy for her to navigate through the lessons and I only had to show her how one time and she could understand what to do and was doing her lessons all on her own. She spends a good 2 hours doing her lessons and she navigates on her main page and goes to different places. She learns to read, learns sounds,nursery rhymes and more. Reading Eggs is a great program with so many activities your child can do , and making it fun for them while they learn. The program also keeps tracks of your childs progress and when you log on into your account you will see how what your child has accomplished. They also have apps you can download for different devices like IPads, IPhones and more. 

         Here is what the program has to offer.

 Early childhood education:  Learn to read, online reading education, and  phonics.


Annie's Attic

Today  I took a class at Annie's Attic and learned how to Tunisian Crochet with instructor Kim Guzman. I thought I'd give crocheting another try with the instructor from Annie's Attic. She walks you through step by step . I've learned to keep your stiches loose so you can get your hook through the hole, I had a hard time , I learned to that crochet takes patience. I was ready to give up but I kept going to see if I could conquer this technique. With the instructor I was able to learn to crochet and do it with the instructor as I watched the video.   She had three different  projects that she taught , a Honeycomb  scarf, Spiraling Miters Scarf, and a Stockinette Hat.  Go to Annie's Attic site and take a look around. Below is the link to the video of the class I took.

You can also find them on Facebook 

Disclaimer: Restless Mama In Michigan received a free class for a review.

                             Flexi Clip- Lila Rose

Sept 8, 2012

I had the opportunity to review some products from Mia Mariu. 
Suero Antiedad Aclarador Anti-aging Brightening Serum, RestauraeCel-C Microdermabrasion Thermal Activator, RestauraCel-C Microdermabrasion Refinisher Cream, Protection Hydrating Moisturizer SPF30+, and Labial Satinado Hidratante Hydrating Stck Gloss (color Beso Clk03)

Let me start with the RestauraeCel-C Microdermabrasion Thermal Activator, and the RestauraCel-C Microdermabrasion Refinisher Cream. RestauraeCel-C Microdermabrasion Thermal Activator an unique formula with Vitamin C. It has three great tasks.
1 It buffs away dead surface cells, 2 Reduces the apperances of enlarged pores and acne scars 
3 It reduces the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles

.Mia Mariu makes many more great  products from make up , organic Flax Oils,Dietary supplements, fragrances . They were founded in 2008 and   are located in Dallas, Texas. They are a social selling company that also has  business opportunities for woman Mía is a proud supporter of Wounded Warriors Wives, a program of Operation Home front dedicated to recognize, inspire and comfort the women who sacrifice so much to care for our country's wounded warriors. Visit their website for more.

July 28, 2012

I just purchased a wireless mouse made by the company Logitech. I really like it.I use it with my laptop because I like using a mouse more than using the buttons on the laptop. I think it's because I got use to using a mouse with a desktop computer. It fits in to your hand nice because it has a curve shape to it. It comes in black, red & black. It runs on 1 AA battery which is included and it has an on/off switch to save your battery life It also comes with a 3 year hardware warranty.It works with Windows,and Mac . There's no program to install. It comes with a tiny wireless nano reciever that has a USB on the end and you just plug it in your USB port and you're good to go, no delays or dropouts. You can use it if you're left handed or right. I bought a wireless mouse because I got tired of having cords plugged in everywhere, with the power plug, printer, etc. I had bought a Logitech wired mouse and that's what I was using before and Logitech is a good company with great products so I purchased a second mouse.
These opinions are my own and I did not get paid to write this review

Feb 15, 2012 
My hubby bought me a new notebook computer . I have a HP 2000 and I love it!  I was waiting for a year to get a new computer because my desktop I had for 11 years was outdated. It was OLD SCHOOL! I didn't have enough memory and space I needed especially when it comes to my photography . I'm trying to get established and as many photos I take I have to have something with a lot of storage, and I couldn't use my Adobe Photoshop program because it was too large of a file but now I can with this laptop. 
This laptop is the best purchase I've made . My hubby tried talking me into another desktop but I wanted a laptop so I could take it with me when I need it. It has everything I need. It's fast, and the hard drive has 300 GB of storage, CD/DVD burner, 3 USB ports, headphone and microphone port, Ethernet plug, printer port and a memory card slot.It also has a web cam installed and you can record a video, take a single pic or use the burst which will take a bunch of pics at the same time. The web cam also has many other features to use , different graphics like make it rain over your head and wear different kinds of hats, avatars, frames,and so much more. HP has installed a support assistance for scheduled clean ups, tutorials for help, tune ups, and more. It also came with the battery, power cord, Norton Antivirus for 6 months and Norton Internet Security. I have a 2 yr extended warranty which will cover everything except bullets and tire marks.  It came with a bunch of programs like Microsoft Office, DVD Maker, games, sticky notes to make a note  ,. I moved from Windows XP to Windows 7 and I do like Windows 7. It took a little time to get use to. Windows 7 has better programs like live photo gallery , which you can edit your pix right in there, live movie maker, mail, messenger. You can make your videos into a movie and  burn your videos in the movie maker and you can also make slide shows with your pics and burn them to a DVD.
I use my laptop everyday. These opinion are my own. I did not get paid to write this review.