DIY Projects

I'm a DIY  kinda gal. I enjoy making my own things, making things from wood, objects from household items. You can find me on Pintrest with over 100 boards categorized by topic.
I like taking objects and making them into something else like up cycled furniture. I think outside the box. My newest diy crafts are making things out of cement.

                                                            Gone Fishin' sign


                                                     I took my old bowling ball and turned it into a fishing bobber.The cap is a top from Pam cooking spray. I used white exterior paint and red spray paint. The bottom is where the finger holes are and it's sitting on a pvc pipe stuck in the ground.



                                                         cement flower

                                                           cement mushrooms

                                                  pop can flower

                                     I made a pattern of a flower petal, cut the tops and bottoms off pop cans with                                         tin snips and painted the petals with acrylic paint then I cut a circle out of a
                                        a piece of metal scrap and then glued the petals to the center of the flower
                                        with E 6000 glue then I  used a matte clear coat by Krylon then once it dried                                        I punched a hole on the top and bottom and wired it to the fence.

                                                          stepping stone

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