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The Harlem Globe Trotters Celebrating 90 Years

The Harlem GlobeTrotters are Celebrating 90 years 

The HarlemGlobetrotters are on their 2016 tour celebrating their 90th year world wide . Serving up smiles, family entertainment with dunk shots, trick shots,  comedy among players, and ball handling like you've never seen any where else in an arena near you.  These guys will keep you entertained during the whole show and I guarantee you be laughing .
 On the court, the Globetrotters' 90-year celebration will feature some of the greatest athletes and entertainers on the planet. With a star-studded roster featuring Big Easy Lofton, Ant Atkinson, Hi-Lite Bruton, Thunder Law, Bull Bullard and Cheese Chisholm -  plus female stars TNT Maddox and Sweet J Ekworomadu* 

Here are some of the players you will see during the show 

    Bull Bullard # 33 , postion G Bull is 6' 4" tall and he's from Detroit, MI .
 Bull is the Globetrotter that his teammates say spends the most time in front of the mirror. Maybe all that mirror time is so he can admire his collection of tube socks and shoes. For real, the man collects tube socks. You can get away with that kind of thing when you've nailed a perfect score at the College Slam Dunk Championship, like Bull has. And you can especially get away with it when you've done that AND made it to the finals of "American Ninja Warrior" and tried out with the New York Jets. Bull's earned his socks. Just don't ask him to read you his poetry.

    Dizzy #2 ,  postion : Guard . He's 5'9" and From Detroit, MI 
Detroit native Dizzy English played parts of three seasons in the NBA Development League after a solid college career at Cleveland State University. The 5-9 dribbling dynamo played the two years prior to his time at Cleveland State at Mott Community College (Mich.), where he helped lead the team to a 61-10 record over that span.

Big Easy #52 Postion: Showman
He's 6' 9" and he's from NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA

Globetrotters Showman Big Easy Lofton gets his nickname from growing up in.New Orleans and his easy-going nature, which is a trait that helped him thoroughly enjoy his three runs on “The Amazing Race,” with teammate Flight Time Lang. The duo finished as high as second place on the show. Big Easy is also a world record holder, owning the Guinness World Records® records for the farthest basketball hook shot (61 feet 4 inches) and the farthest blindfolded basketball hook shot (50 feet 3.5 inches). 

  TNT    # 18    Postion G   

she stands 5' 6" tall

she's from Colorado Springs, Colordo 

TNT joined a very elite group in the fall of 2011, becoming the first woman to don the red, white, and blue since 1993 - and her success opened the door for T-Time Brawner and Sweet J Ekworomadu to join the team over the following seasons.

The Globetrotters are like a family too, and TNT is honored to be a part of it. “Honestly, this means everything to me,” she says. “This team incorporates everything I love about basketball. Not only to play it, but to entertain, and to give back to the community. I've always dreamed of leaving a positive mark in basketball history, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.”  Part of that positive mark came when TNT registered as an Adult Girl Scout, just another way she and her female teammates have found to inspire young girls to achieve great things.

Learn more about Globetrotters

 Did You Know?

The Harlem Globetrotters began holding 5(five) official Guinness World Records. They st 7 (seven) alone on Guinness World Records Day in 2015

Don't forget to  bring your camera for some amazing photos!  

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                    A Day In The Life Of A Globetrotter

 watch more videos on their You Tube channel 

  Here's a list of places they'll be 

Poplar Bluff, MO - 1/19/2016
Kalamazoo, MI - 1/21/2016
Flint, MI - 1/25/2016
Corpus Christi, TX - 1/27/2016
Rochester, NY - 1/31/2016 and 2/6/2016
Albany, NY - 2/7/2016
Kent, WA - 2/12/2016 and 2/15/2016
Seattle, WA - 2/13/2016
Everett, WA - 2/14/2016
Yakima, WA - 2/17/2016
Eugene, OR - 2/18/2016
Kennewick, WA - 2/21/2016
Pullman, WA - 2/23/2016
Wenatchee, WA - 2/24/2016
Casper, WY - 3/8/2016
Duluth, MN - 3/24/2016
Minneapolis, MN - 3/25/2016 and 3/26/2016
Lincoln, NE - 4/9/2016

         Kalamazoo, MI

Wings Event Center (formerly Wings Stadium) Tickets

3600 Van Rick Drive,  Kalamazoo,  MI  49001

Jan 21st 7 pm 

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     Flint, MI    


Dort Federal Event Center (Formerly Perani Arena & Event ..

Jan 25th 7pm 
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