Reasons why to exercise 

I'm all into fitness and being healthy. Keeping your body healthy is very important as well as getting enough exercise, rather it be walking, running, cardio or strength training, every little bit helps even if you can only do something a couple days a week. You not only look good and feel better but your healthy too. Twenty five years ago after I had my daughter I was working out at least three days a week and the exercises I did back then I'm doing today. All the exercises I see now days are the exact ones I was doing 20 + years ago and I'm here to say that they do work. Not motivated? Grab a buddy and workout together . Once you start it'll be like an addiction, you can't stop. It will take some time to see results but if you keep going everyday and don't give up you will be happy .

 How about some motivation quotes


                           Identifying your muscles

Benefits of walking

workout charts 




 Here are some links for workouts and videos.  

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