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Libre Tea Glass, Tea time anytime

                              Libre Tea Glasses


              Tea Time, anytime at home or on the go

Pink Garden Dance

The Benefits Of Tea

Tea , hot or cold has many great benefits when it comes to your health. There are many kinds of teas that have many health benefits .

fighting colds
 immune booster
cough and congestion
lower your cholesterol
muscle and joint aches 
and many more.

You can read more about the benefits of tea on Libre's Health Benefits of tea and think about what ones are best for you and use them in your Libre Tea Glass. here's the link

Libre Tea was published in the  Dec 2015  Yoga Journal magazine.
Libre Tea glasses  are great for hot or cold drinks, whether you use it  for ice tea, flavored water, hot tea or any other flavor-able drink The Libre Tea glass has a removable filter to keep your tea leaves separate. I use my Libre Tea Glass for flavored water, and green tea .  The Libre tea glass is very thick glass and durable and non breakable. It fits perfect in my cup holder in my Equinox. I can take my glass everywhere I go. On my walks, and everywhere I go. I have a habit of carrying a glass with me everywhere I go due to the fact I don't like to drink out of plastic bottle so now I use my Libre Tea Glass.   The Libre Tea glass comes in different colors to choose from too. I have the Pink Garden Dance  design. I love the colors and designs on the glass. It keeps your drinks cold for a while. I had my Libre tea glass in my suv and went into the store shopping and came out a couple hours later and my water was still cold. 

  • three different sizes to choose from , 9 oz, 10 oz ( mug) , and 14 oz 
  • a glass interior and durable poly exterior – thermal hot and cold, its so break resistant, and the wide mouth is easy to clean for a fresh taste every time
  • a removable stainless-steel filter that keeps tea leaves in the glass, away from your mouth and it’s removable, for easy cleaning 
  •  2 easy ways to enjoy tea moments ‘on the go’ and all can be used without the filter for 3 ways to use
  • all glasess are 100 5 BP A free

How to use your Libre Tea Glass

                     For loose teas and tea bags

Step 1 : Remove the lid and filter, by unscrewing  the lid and filter  carefully from the glass, add hot water to below the rim of the tea glass.Twist the filter on securely; add 2 -3 grams of your favorite  loose- leaf tea on top of the filter.
Step 2: Wait 2-3 minutes prior to twisting on lid so steam pressure does not force a leak upon inverting ( very Important) this helps so the seal doesn't leak and you have to replace it.
After a brief cool down period, twist on the lid securely and slowly turn the glass upside down to steep the tea.
Step 3Twist open the lid slightly and let the tea in the filter drain into the glass. Then remove the lid and filter together. Enjoy! 

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Disclaimer: Restless Mama In Michigan recieved a 24 oz Libre Tea glass for a product review.

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